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06-01-2020 14:39:31

Wintertodt is the Runescape gold quickest method for firemaking, therefore this is just not true. Firemaking has been the skill that shouldve never been a skill to start with. OSRS has done a much better job without outright nerfing it to the point that it is considered an achievement of creating variety.

Wintertodt is a more engaging way to attain similar (but better) rates compared to other less participating methods. It breathed life into an art that no one respected or wished to do. There will inevitably be individuals who dedicate years of the life to osrs, which is different than any other game. To say that no one needs to have 200m is unrealistic. There were individuals with 200m in skill even before the original 07 scape existed.

I believe it is because RS3 didnt choose the components from RS2/RS2 HD such as aggressive material, is what's killed a sizable chunk of this runescape playerbase and the present MTX content skipping, amount bypassing crap simply adds more to the harm and promotes the wrong kind of runescape playerbase.

Again, to each their own but the present trend has definitely damaged runescape and runescape playerbase.The vast bulk of Runescape's content is about as competitively viable as Solitaire, and even Solitaire's likely more competitive, frankly. Skill is required by the kind.

This is certainly the debate that must be Cheap Osrs gold shouted from the rooftops. By going of playing as the good 10, this whole spiel. "Oh well we know you value your time. Is such translucent bullshit and people gobble it up. Paying to jump is not"valuing your own time".

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